Dr. Michelle Zhubrak - NJ Podiatrist

Dr. Michelle ZhubrakMy name is Michelle Zhubrak. I’m a podiatrist, born and raised in New York. I was drawn to medicine after my grandfather passed away due to complications from diabetes.

I discovered my true calling after visiting the podiatry school in New York. During my visit I learned about foot complications caused by diabetes. I wanted to be on the forefront on the treatment and prevention of these complications. My desire to learn more led me to Dr. Armstrong, a world-renowned leader on the treatment of the diabetic foot.

During my vacation time in school and residency I would travel to Arizona to learn about the latest advances in the treatment of diabetic foot complications. After I completed three years of residency at New York Community Hospital I went back to Arizona to complete a one-year fellowship in treating the diabetic foot. My father started leading a healthy lifestyle after my grandfather passed away. Together we started running. In 2011 I completed the New York City Marathon. I also enjoy dancing and am a certified Zumba instructor. As a podiatrist I take pride in my ability to help keep my patients active. My goal is to prevent injury through patient education. If injury does occur I am prepared to treat it. When I am not treating patients I enjoy exploring new cultures, food and places. Most importantly I enjoy sharing a laugh with the ones I love.

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