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Dr. Lebovic has been my wife and my Podiatrist for a year and we find him to be very interested in helping us with our foot problems. In January of this year he performed foot surgery on me. The surgery and my part to the recovery were very well explained. After the surgery following Dr. Lebovic’s detailed instructions I had very little discomfort, needless to say that under his excellent care the surgery went very well. I recommend him to anyone I know that has foot problems. Dr. Lebovic and his office staff are very helpful, courteous and compassionate and I thank them and appreciate being a patient.

~ John G. S.

I write to thank you for your continuing care through the years, and particularly through the recent months. I have always appreciated your calm and pleasant manner and your willingness to take the time to give thorough answers to all of my questions. It is also a pleasure to deal with your friendly and helpful staff.

I anticipate getting “back on my feet” and into the swing of my normal daily routine after the surgery you performed on each of my feet. I am especially grateful for your diligence in treating the infection that occurred on my left foot.

Thank you and your staff for your kindness and care.
~ James H.

I am an 82 year old woman with a beautiful right foot. Not so, several months ago. My second toe was crossed to the left over my big toe and I had a large painful bunion. I was told by the surgeon it was major surgery and he did not do cosmetic surgery, but would amputate the second toe. That left me with the big toe leaning to the right over the third toe. I knew I had to find the right surgeon this time. Thank God Dr. Lebovic was recommended. I was apprehensive and anxious on my first visit with Dr. Lebovic because of the first surgeon and the unknown. Dr. Lebovic explained everything in detail and answered all my questions which relieved my anxiety (half my problem, and the other half was that I did not need pain medication).

I can only hope that anyone needing foot surgery see Dr. Lebovic first. Don’t make my mistake and go through it twice. My sister had a similar problem and had the same excellent results with Dr. Lebovic. The atmosphere created by Dr. Lebovic and his staff is warm and welcoming for his patients. God Bless.

~ Nell

Dr. Lebovic is one of the best podiatric doctors I have ever met. He is direct with his patients and lets you know exactly what is entailed for any procedure. It helps the patient make the best decision for him/her. I had corrective surgery for hammer toes and for a taylor bunion, my main concern was scarring. It has been about 4 months and the scars are healing fine and some of the scars are not visible. Dr. Lebovic does not pressure his patients into making hasty decisions. He is willing to work with you and help you every step of the way.
~ Lorie J.

Surgery for Bunions and Hammertoes successfully reduce malformations and pain – after a while. It takes at least 6 weeks to achieve nearly normal mobility. This is clearly explained to the patient well before surgery. Dr. Lebovic does a fine job of using your x-rays and patiently, professionally answering all questions and concerns.
The day of surgery is less stressful since so much detail is covered by Doctor L and his office professionals well before that day. These professionals are a phone call away if the need arises.
After care is as compassionate and well done as care before surgery.
Recovery is slow – the decision to use Dr. Richard Lebovic/Accent on Feet is immediate.

“I feel the need to shout praises for Doctor Richard I. Lebovic.  Before I located Dr. Lebovic, I had a foot condition for many years.  Dr. Lebovic treated my condition and now I am totally pain free.  While being treated, Dr. Lebovic explained exactly what I should expect every step of the way…and he was right on.  This doctor answered my prayers because it feels wonderful to be pain free.

I found Dr. Richard I. Lebovic to be extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and the epitome of professionalism.”

~ Ann P.

“From the time I stepped into Dr. Lebovic’s office and was greeted by his staff, I felt that I arrived at the right place. Dr. L. is a great listener who understood my foot concerns. His gentle touch eased my fears. When surgery was needed, seven pins and one ankle screw were performed. Dr. L. followed up with calls at home plus one house visit (due to bad weather). That was very much appreciated. His office staff took care of the insurance forms and my work requests. Today, two years later, I can still walk without pain. I thank Dr. L and his staff for being so professional and so compassionate.”
~ Mary Ann B.

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